A huge amount of small businesses are continuing to discover how valuable it is to get into the ecommerce game. With the number of online shoppers continuing to grow at a rapid rate, if you don’t offer your products and services online, then you’re missing out on sales!

There are a large range of shopping cart systems out there, and while some have their limitations, there are a number of great options to choose from. Let’s have a look at the options and see what benefits ecommerce could bring to your business.

Developing Ecommerce With Opencart

Opencart Development - Lawn For You

Opencart Development – Lawn For You Ltd.

At Wild Trails Media, Opencart is our go-to ecommerce platform for any small business. Opencart is an established open-source shopping cart platform used on thousands of shops around the web. Opencart has a lot of advantages, not least of which is it’s adaptability. Opencart is designed to be… you guessed it… open! Templates are easy to create in Opencart, allowing us to skin the platform to fit your branding. You can get an Opencart shop looking just how you want, and keep adapting it in future to meet your customer’s needs.

Underlying our Opencart Development is our reliable Opencart Hosting. Our hosting is optimised to support your Opencart shop and allows us to enable the growth of your online business. Opencart hosting is available to any of our Opencart development clients.

Adapting the Opencart Ecommerce Platform to Fit Your Business

Opencart is not only adaptable in looks, it’s also really flexible in functionality. No matter what complications your products pose, we can adapt Opencart to fit. A recent project of ours involved developing a shop section to deal in Articificial Grass. This is a pretty tricky little product as it comes in 2m widths, but sells by the square metre. But, due to Opencart’s adaptability, we could shape the product pages to make it really clear how the purchasing process works, and make it obvious what the customer was ordering.

Managing Your Online Shop

Opencart SEO - Pampeano Leather Goods

Opencart SEO – Pampeano Leather Goods

Opencart also has a great range of management tools, and the room to create many more. If you want to feed products straight to your Amazon or eBay store, then we can do that. If you want to track customers through the checkout and contact those that bail out before purchasing, we can do that too. Opencart offers a ton of flexibility in how your shop works, making it easy for us to create a really effective online sales machine for your business.

Find an Ecommerce Option to Fit Your Budget

A basic Opencart shop will meet the needs of a many small businesses. You can stick with a minimally customised template (a template determines how your shop looks) and keep the costs down. This will include your logo, your colour scheme, but stick with the default Opencart layout. And, often, this will do the trick.

Or, you can go with a more customised template which raises your shop to the next level of professionalism and allows it to stand out from the crowd. This obviously raises the budget a little, but for any small business serious about their growth, it’s well worth it.

The next level includes product page customisation, and advanced admin and management tools. These turn your basic shop into something far more professional, suited to your product range and set to manage a large number of orders and sustain growth in the longer term.

Opencart SEO and Digital Marketing

The top level of Opencart development that we offer is a full marketing customisation. This is where we look at your shop, your categories, your products and implement corresponding Opencart SEO so that it has the best chance of achieve top search rankings. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is key to a successful shop, and includes a large amount of what we call on-site optimisation. This involves playing with your site structure, navigation, sales copy, page layout and much more, to make sure that your products are seen by the largest amount of people possible.

There’s more to search engine marketing and SEO than that, including an endless range of off-site techniques, but we can talk to you about that at any point once your Opencart site’s set up.

Talk to Us: Developing Your Own Opencart Shop

We’re always happy to talk to small businesses about what would suit them best in the world of ecommerce. If you want to get yourself set up to sell online get in touch – there are endless possibilities and we’d be glad to talk through them all. Whether it’s Opencart Development, Opencart SEO or you just want to chat about Opencart hosting, drop us a line.

I hope you found this helpful and you feel inspired to start selling online. If so, good luck out there and have fun!


Colin Gray is a web designer, internet marketer, small business development advisor, elearning lecturer and current PhD student. Find out more about Colin Gray, or contact him on Google+