When The Awards Network came to Wild Trails Media and tasked us to create their new youth resource, it was a chance for us to create something fun and exciting for use by both teenagers and their mentors in the community.

Screenshot of The Awards Network voluntary sector website

The Awards Network voluntary sector website

They were looking for a few different services:

1. Graphic Design and Video Production
2. Flash Development and Programming
3. Custom PHP/MySQL Development

The site was designed to promote Amazing Things, a publication by the Awards Network educating youngsters on the various awards available to them through the various youth organisations in Scotland. Amazing Things already had a layout and a colour scheme so the challenge here was to translate that printed theme to a web context.

We added some interactive elements, such as an animated video on the front page, and created an interactive Flash app to help youngsters find out how the awards they are working towards connect together.


Colin Gray is a web designer, internet marketer, small business development advisor, elearning lecturer and current PhD student. Find out more about Colin Gray, or contact him on Google+